Cheap Canada Goose p9u1taep I am a huge Kate Spade bag hoarder and I had my eye on this bag for a few months but kept picking other choices and when I finally decided that I needed it the store only had one that was kinda yucky looking. Anyways, I found this on and it was prime. SOLD!The bag is leather on the top and flap, both sides, and the bottom. The other parts are a fabric that seems rough (similar to burlap to me but smaller threaded) and has polka dots that look velvet-like. Obviously I am not an expert as describing fabrics. All the hardware is gold and it's so darling.Because the fact that there are parts of the bag that could stain, I decided to use a fabric scotch gaurd spray and gave it two sprays. It looks perfect and I will edit this and update if the scotch gaurd doesn't hold up.If you are worried about ordering a bag, don't be. It came very well secured with plastic around it and protection on all parts.Also, the strap is quite long & adjustable as some people need some extra room. (me!) Did I mention the original price of this bag was about twice as much as the price on! :)